Ccaptcha intends to find the answer to many ambiguous questions that robots are unable to understand and to translate this information into a language that can be used for technological and intelligent systems by producing and preparing targeted Captchas. We can bring the robots as close as possible to human knowledge and capabilities, in the end, allowing more productive and useful symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence. You can go along with this route with the help of the Ccaptcha service.

By solving and building up every new capsule, the Cepchas will move one step further in order to benefit from the advancements provided by users with a level of quality and a bit higher. The project's progress path involves a lot of challenges, and we are now at the beginning of this path. We are looking forward to this project in a variety of collaborations with other online actors in the field to have a better C, and to influence others in the development of others.

The first phase consists of questions that respond to them requiring the ability to understand, analyze and analyze human beings, which prevents the robots from passing through a single step of a Cpchacha. The ability to understand and analyze human beings in different fields is the case with which robots and intelligent artificial intelligences created in today's world lack it, and the creation of inhuman intelligent brain with the ability to analyze and learn as wide as the human brain from the challenge. Which is unresolved to this day and the proximity prospect is not offered the possibility of solving this challenge!

Cepcha is investigating a variety of methods for detecting humans from robots, and we hope to soon introduce and exploit the scientific and operational approach to the C-capha. We are trying to provide safer and far simpler procedures for this process. Extensive research in this field is of interest to the team of S-Kapcha, and we welcome all experts and researchers in the course of more accurate diagnosis.

Cepcha's main approach is to take advantage of all the potential capabilities in the development of this project. Cepcha intends to create the world's largest and most diverse Kapchai bank, and there will be a lot of collaborative areas in the area where you can see the details in our collaboration section. Increasing the level of security and creating targeted databases of the priorities of the S-Kapcha team are at this stage, which despite the many challenges we hope to achieve our mission in the best possible way.

Cepcha moves in the direction of a new world in which two new principles are put forward: 1. Better human control and knowledge of robots activity. 2. Expanding useful robots with similar functions beyond humans. We strive to make the information and knowledge generated and to maximize your ability to provide trust, confidence and security to all online users.

The Ciphcha is a free service that you can use to increase the level of security and privacy of your users. The C-Capcha will help you discover a lot of information about your service and users, as well as prevent inhumane activities. S Kapcha is a new project that is planned and guided for great goals. Using this route, we will use the ability of each person.

The C-Capcha will help you increase the security level of all your forms. The survey forms, the registration form, the entry form and all of them are all in use. The C-capcha prevents humanoid robots from running on your site and can prevent malicious activities from robots and malware by blocking them by examining a large number of websites.